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  • Design and development with CATIA V5
  • FEM- Calculation with LS-Dyna on high performance cluster
  • CAE-chain with Animator, Medina and ANSA
  • Application of own failure models incl. welding and bonding failure models
  • Testing and validation at HQ testcenter
  • Measurement technology for EOL incl. pressure measurement for pyrotechnics up to 40 kHz
  • Wide spectrum of prototypes (within own workshop and/or local network)
  • PDM with S4-manage
  • Dynamic testing with engineering partners

Our Core Competences

  • System development of rollover protection systems incl. all part surrounding ROPS and design of BIW interface
  • Development & structural optimisation of ROPS integration and BIW
  • Crash computation of rollover specific load cases for ROPS and vehicle applying own failure models
  • Static and dynamic structural analysis of all BIW designs (stamping, welding, casting; independent of material)
  • System development of pyrotechnical safety systems
  • Product validation & verification
  • Experimental design and testing
  • Process development for production of ROP

FEM – Finite-Element-Method

Workstation Fujitsu 8 Core Xeon (R) E5-1620 Server Fujitsu 24 Core Xeon

LS-DYNA, Medina, Ansa, Animator

  • Failure prior to optimisation
  • Rear wall after optimisation/rework